The project is all about solving the problems that women with osteoporosis have with exercise. The aim is to encourage these women to engage with physical activity, whilst using my designs to improve their condition. The project includes a collection of fabric samples that are appropriate for garment application and a realised t-shirt and sports bra. Further products are in development.


The NHS defines osteoporosis as ‘a condition that weakens bones, making them fragile and more likely to break. It develops slowly over several years and is often only diagnosed when a minor fall or sudden impact causes a bone to fracture’ (NHS 2016).


SeaCell which is made from Ascophyllum nodossum, which is a brown algae (seaweed) found in the Icelandic Fjords. The fibres are created using the Lyocell process, a solvent-spinning process using the seaweed and wood cellulose.

Prevention methods include taking regular exercise to strength bones, relive stress and reduce fatigue, eating healthy with a balanced diet with plenty of calcium and Vitamin D, and reducing alcohol consumption and smoking.

Seacell is suited for a sportswear application due to it being light-weight,

breathable and soft to the touch, it even absorbs sweat quicker than cotton.

The most impressive feature of SeaCell however is its ability to retain the

medicinal properties of the seaweed.

When the fabric is worn, the natural body moisture that weproduce, promotes the transfer of nutrients from the fibres to the body, so the skin can absorb the essential minerals for bone strength and growth(Ca and Mg), which are found in seaweed.

As physical exercise is one of the best forms of

treatments for the bone deterioration, I want to produce a collection that is going to encourage these women to get active and self-treat the disease. The fabric that I will produce will be

the second treatment method.