Fascinated by the way in which our bodies work,I design to enhance what our bodies can already do and tackle challenges that our bodies face.


I studied by BA at Coventry University and graduated with a First Class Honors Degree in Fashion with International Enhancement. During my studies I was fortunate enough to be able to work as a couture design intern for Ilja in Amsterdam for 11 months.


Graduated Nottingham Trent University with a MA Textile Design Innovation. I am a sustainable sportswear designer and researcher, looking for an exciting opportunity to start my career.


My master's project OSTEO.FIT focused on creating sustainable inclusive knitted sportswear for women with osteoporosis. By co-designing with my consumer, I can create a product that appeals to my demographic and producing a product which has a purpose can increase longevity and improve sustainability.


Kasey Ellesse Hatch